Many styles of Martial Arts are break away groups from their original style and any qualifications achieved through these groups are frequently not recognised once you walk out the door. Find out where the instructors black belt came from….like The World Taekwondo Headquarters (WTF)….this is where Irontiger gets their qualifications fro

Ask to see a copy of their current Certificate of Currency. Be sure you check the expire date.

All Martial Arts Instructors should hold a Level 1 Coaching Accreditation with the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) in the martial art that they are teaching – request to see it.

It is compulsory at Irontiger that all students are insured. When you come in for your first lesson you will be given a quote on your insurance fee and asked to complete a form.

It can’t hurt to ask the question!…wouldn’t you like to know if your child was going to be safe? Irontiger as a club has been screened and cleared by the NSW Sport and Recreation Association along with the instructors.

At Irontiger you can start training as early as 3 years old.

Irontiger has classes which have been designed to cater for everyone, from kids classes to adult classes and family classes.

The more classes you attended the quicker you will develop the skills and techniques which are associated which Taekwondo. Depending on your situation, you can attend once per week or seven days a week, however, it is recommended that you attend twice a week as a minimum. By attending 2 classes a week you will be participating in technique, self defence and sparring classes.

You certainly can! Before joining Irontiger you will receive a 30 day FREE trail (*from the date you join in your first lesson), all we ask is that for insurance purposes that you fill out an obligation free Irontiger Membership Form for your safety. You can where a t-shirt and loose pants for comfort on your first night.

If during the Term a public holidays occurs or you are sick for example, than yes you can make up for that missed class within that same Term. It is the students responsibility to attend all classes. All missed classes can only be made up within the same Term.

Irontiger is flexible with payments. We accept cash, internet banking, direct debit, EFTPOS, credit cards and cheques. Payment is made at the beginning of each Term. Irontiger offers discounts to all black belts, yearly payments made ahead and more. We also have family member rates which can be obtained when starting. Training fees are not refundable once payment has been made.

There is no reason why you need to buy a uniform or shoes immediately. When you join Irontiger you will receive a FREE training t-shirt and belt which can be worn until you are ready to purchase a uniform. Shoes are optional, it is the students own personal choice if they wish to wear shoes at training. Uniforms and shoes can be purchased from Irontiger.

You must be a member and be training with Irontiger for a minimum of 1 Term before you can be considered for your first grading with Irontiger. This will give you enough time to learn the basic stances, punches and kicks of Taekwondo. Your instructor will advise you 2 weeks prior to grading if you are eligible to grade.

From Yellow Belt (that means straight after your first grading!) you can participate in tournaments. Tournaments are not only sparring based, they also consist of poomsae (patterns), breaking and aerobic dance. To participate in sparring at tournaments you need to attend Sport Taekwondo Classes. If you are interested in participating in Poomsae let your instructor know so arrangements for additional poomsae training can be made.

If we have not answered one of your questions or concerns, please ring our friendly staff
on 1300 788 550 or email us enquiries@irontiger.com.au

Thanks for taking the time to know us……We hope we have helped you in making a decision as to whether Taekwondo is the right sport for you.

$8 Introductory Class

*If you join up after the first lesson
$39.95 – 2 WEEKS
Includes free t-shirt/bag & mouth guard
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