It gives me great pleasure to provide the following recommendations for Dianne Carn & Irontiger Taekwondo.

First let me start by telling you how I got involved with Taekwondo. I was trying to get my son (Ty) involved in sport. My niece Morgan who has mild cerebral palsy was doing Taekwondo with Dianne at Castle Hill, and we thought it might be a good sport to get into, on the first night we were very impressed with the way she interacted with the children, by showing a lot of patience and time, therefore Ty started straight away. Ty & Morgan both went on to get their yellow belts with Dianne, but unfortunately as they were cousins they depended on each other to much, so it was decided to separate them and send Ty to the Kellyville club location.

Ty took to the Kellyville club straight away improving very quickly therefore earning his second tip. Shortly after getting his second tip, Ty entered into a tournament at Moss Vale in which he received a silver medal for runner up.

Master Dianne runs a very friendly and family orientated club. Dianne’s training is a relaxed atmosphere yet runs under strict discipline.

It was who actually encouraged me to take it up, he said you come to training and stay with Ty twice a week why don’t you join in, even if it’s only as a casual member. I just laughed at him thinking I have not done any training in this form for over twenty years.

The first night I was very apprehensive and full of nerves, I just paced myself and when training started I did what I could, the first month was the hardest with having sore muscle’s for a couple of days after training.

Under Dianne’s instruction and a lot of discipline on my part, I achieved my yellow belt within two months, which was nearly two years ago; in those two years I have lost 20kg and am now going for my red belt at the next grading.

Ty & I have become very close since I have taken Taekwondo up because not only do we go to classes together we train at home together. First training after grading Ty always makes sure he has a camera in his bag, to take photos of us receiving our certificates and belts; Ty is just as proud of our progression as I am.

Dianne has built Kellyville Club up in members through hard work and the time he puts in to each member by offering extra training and advice. Kellyville is a family orientated Club represented by mother/daughter, father/son and brother/sister.

If you are thinking of taking up Taekwondo do not let age be a barrier I am 43 years old and train three nights a week with Irontiger Taekwondo.

We are all friends whether you are five years old or over forty like me, regardless of age, sex, or race everyone is welcome.

Colin Kerr – Over 40’s Irontiger Taekwondo Member

Taekwondo is one of the best things we started to improve our concentration, spirituality and self defence for peaceful purposes. Our Taekwondo teacher (Dianne Carn) is the best teacher. She teaches us not only to develop and sharpen our skills in the above areas, but also lots of fun and enjoyable time together. We have learnt so much at Taekwondo like working together as a team and being able to relate and respect all other team mates. We look forward to every private lesson and enjoy the fun. We are also looking forward to achieving our black belt to pass on the expertise to other people. Taekwondo IS THE BEST!!!

Maanik, Herleen and Eshan Ruprai – Irontiger Students, Rouse Hill

I met Dianne Carn in August 1999 at Castle Hill when my son John was looking for a Taekwondo (‘TKD’) club to join. From the first moment I met Dianne, it was evident that she possessed a very friendly and approachable manner, which endeared her to everyone. Dianne’s professional approach to teaching and her technical TKD expertise were quite evident. Dianne interacted well with all her students, young and old and dealt with the parents to address their endless questions. It was not a surprise that my son John decided to join Dianne’s club, then and there without hesitation.

Dianne goes out of her way to personally nurture her students, always encouraging them to learn and progress. John’s enthusiasm for Taekwondo grew to the point where he would train between 5 or 6 days a week.

Dianne’s unselfish support over the years helped John to successfully compete at Tournaments at the State, National and International level in both sparring and Poomse competition. During these years, John not only gained physical fitness and discipline but also gained increased self-confidence. It was not long after this period that my younger son Michael also decided he wanted to join Taekwondo as well.

The family oriented environment at the Irontiger club makes training a pleasant experience for all. Over the years my children and I have made life-long friends from Taekwondo.

Through Taekwondo and Dianne’s unconditional support, John has found an opportunity to grow and find his passion in life.

As a parent, I would like to thank Dianne for being the person she is and a perfect role model for my children. Dianne’s achievements to date, is testimony to her good character and commitment.

I would highly recommend Dianne’s Irontiger club to anyone interested in Martial Arts.

Koula – Mother & long time Taekwondo Supporter

In 2004 I started Taekwondo. My brother Kenny was starting with Master Dianne Carn at the Kellyville club. After I watched him do a couple of lessons, I thought I’d join in too because it looked fun! I never thought or imagined that Taekwondo would become such a big part of my life!

When I first started, I was shy and quiet. I started off like a usual beginner where everything was new and a little confusing for me. After a few weeks, with the help of the instructors, I started to get used to all the basics and slowly get better. I was very interested in the sports side of Taekwondo, but I didn’t have the confidence to actually get in the ring and fight.

I had my first fight in a state titles tournament as a yellow belt. I was so nervous! I couldn’t help but to think about negative outcomes. My coach Dianne helped me calm down and concentrate on what I had to do right then and there. I eventually came out with a gold medal!!!

Since then, I have fought in and achieve success in many tournaments at different levels. Dianne has helped me improve my technique to become faster and stronger, learn strategies to help during the fight, and most importantly to believe in myself. It doesn’t matter if we perform good or bad or whether we win or lose. He taught us that the important thing is not the actual outcome, but what you learnt from it and how you act with it. Dianne always pushes us to learn more and further improve ourselves.

Taekwondo has had a big impact on my life. I love training at Kellyville and always look forward to every training lesson. I enjoy how friendly the environment is and to be around such great people who help one another achieve their goals. Just like how families support each other.

Dianne is an excellent instructor along with the many assistant instructors at Kellyville and at Irontiger! I would recommend anyone wanting to start Taekwondo to take the first step and start!

Rima Komiya – Irontiger Student, Kellyville

I started Taekwondo in 2006, the year I started high school. At that time, I joined just looking forward to improving my physical performance. I had never considered that I would get so much more out of it. But as I progressed through class, I met many new friends and gained much more confidence and discipline. I eventually got to enjoy Taekwondo so much that I insisted on 3 days of training a week, to the amazement of my parents.

Eventually, I decided to enter my first local tournament as a yellow belt, and came out with a 1st place! These terrific things would not have existed if not for Dianne Carn and her great teaching skills. When I don’t understand something, she would explain it in different ways until I could understand. Dianne also always puts her student’s welfare and hopes to be her first priority, which is another thing which makes her such a great teacher.

Dianne always aims to help everyone whether physically or mentally to the maximum extent and hope we get as much as possible from Taekwondo. These 2 instructors are great and I really thank them for all the effort that they put in for us.

Irontiger Taekwondo would be the best place to take your first step if you are interested in Martial Arts!

Ben Cheng – Irontiger Student, Castle Hill

My Journey of Taekwondo Herleen Ruprai

I started my Taekwondo journey in 2006 with Master Dianne. My reason for joining was not to get a black belt but to learn as much as I could to improve myself in many ways.

Master Dianne is such a great leader as she takes personal interest in each and every student. I was able to learn and enhance the following skills under her leadership:

Self discipline
Positive attitude
Interpersonal skills
Self defence
Respect for others
Personal values
So, how did all the above happened. Master Dianne’s learning environment, encouragement and coaching coupled with fun brings the best in you. The learning and training environment helps you to concentrate with strict discipline. I learnt a lot during the team environment and practiced at home. Overtime my above skills started to improve, better grades at school and I am always looking forward to the training sessions. My achievements to date are:

White Belt 2006
Yellow Belt 2006
Blue Belt 2007
Red Belt 2008
Black Belt 2011

Although my main purpose to start the training for Taekwondo was to improve my self but achieving Black Belt came as an icing on the top.

I recommend to every one, young and old to start their Taekwondo journey, its never too late to enhance your inner and outer self.

For me I will continue to learn and pass on my knowledge to others, as I start to assist in training junior class under Master Dianne’s leadership.

Herleen Ruprai – Taekwondo Black Belt

Hi, my name is Ryan McLennan I have been practicing Taekwondo for several years now. Taekwondo has become a major aspect of my life and has opened up my eyes to many things and I have seen the light.

Martial Arts is the only way for me to get the full enjoyment life has to offer. Without Taekwondo, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Irontiger has done well, we have awesome morals by which we go by honorably. Taekwondo is not about fighting or beating somebody, it is about finding out what you are capable of once you try.

I have recently gained the honor of being a 2nd Dan Black Belt which is not all that Taekwondo is about, Black Belt is the goal but not the purpose.

Ryan McLennan – Irontiger Student, Rouse Hill

Both my husband and 2 eldest children have taken up taekwondo.

I saw this as an opportunity for them to participate in a sport together. My eldest child Thomas was enrolled in Taekwondo at the age of 4 years. Being a primary school teacher I could see that Thomas needed a little encouragement and preparation before heading off to big school.

My second eldest child Nicholas kept watching both my husband and Thomas during classes and one day he asked if he could join in and he did.

Irontiger Taekwondo has helped prepare Thomas for big school with their specially designed classes. Like most 4 year olds, his attention span and listening skills needed improving, for Nicholas it was a chance for him to develop skills before heading off to pre-school. I give full credit to head instructor Dianne Carn, and her team of instructors for their patients and endless hard work they provide every student. I have received compliments from teachers saying how well my boys listen, pay attention in class and how well they can follow instructions. Both my children are confident and respectful. Most importantly they enjoy the class, they have made new friends and it is a chance for them to make noise, punch and kick all under a controlled environment. The boys have always had good gross motor skills. Since joining Taekwondo, I have noticed a substantial improvement in their balance and co-ordination.

Their agility and spatial awareness has also increased. Thomas and Nicholas have been able to transfer these improved skills into their other sports and activities.

If you are looking at enrolling your child in Taekwondo I recommend you give Irontiger a call, the friendly atmosphere and the safe environment that they provide is unique.

Bobbi Chapman – Mother & School Teacher

It gives me great pleasure to provide the following recommendation for Dianne Carn and Irontiger Taekwondo.

As an educator, I know how important it is for young people to feel a sense of achievement and learn self discipline in many arenas – not just at school. Finding a sport our children enjoy participating in is incredibly important and not only contributes to their good health, but helps develop the emotional resilience they need to cope with life’s many setbacks and challenges. My motivation to involve my children, 5 year old Kye, and 7 year old Teyah, in Taekwondo, was, therefore, based on a desire to enhance their personal development as well as provide an enjoyable and challenging physical activity.

I have been absolutely delighted with the training they have received from Dianne Carn. She is a brilliant teacher – consistent, caring and committed; my son in particular adores her. When Kye started (at just 4 years of age) he was very excited but somewhat silly and easily distracted. Dianne’s patience and capacity to elicit the very best out of her students has had a profound effect on him. He is now incredibly serious about his training (he even insisted on having a Taekwondo birthday party to share his passion with his little mates) and concluded the year by being awarded the trophy for excellence at the white belt level!

Importantly, we have note a significant improvement in his abilities and skills at home and at Pre-school too. He is far more attentive, patient and physically confident. I believe the sport has been instrumental in this improvement and has provided him with skills and attitudes that will be help ensure a successful transition into “big school.”

Teyah has also enjoyed her time with Irontiger immensely – so much so that she is giving up dancing next year to spend more time on her Taekwondo. As I specialise in girl’s education and the development of self esteem in young women, I believe the opportunity for young girls to have role models like Dianne, who is incredibly successful within the sport (she is a Commonwealth Gold Medalist) is invaluable. Similarly, I think there is a fairly unique opportunity in this sport for girls and boys to train alongside one another and be graded on their individual ability – they are not separated based on their age or gender.

I would highly recommend Taekwondo, and the excellent training offered by Dianne in particular; it has been a fabulous experience for both my children and has more than fulfilled my expectations.

Dannielle Miller – Education Consultant, Enlighten Education

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